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For 20 years, we have been sharing our marketing knowledge. Our references and partners speak for themselves.

The Munich academy of marketing is one of leading providers of marketing seminars, training courses, and continuing education. Leaving “mainstream” and creating “new spaces” are only two of the many current marketing trends and the credo of the Munich academy of marketing. Timely, hands-on, and future-oriented marketing seminars and training courses in extraordinary locations. Experience the dynamic of our trainers, who teach complex marketing concepts in easy-to-understand ways. Our training methods and didactic are as exceptional as the content of our classes. 

As specialized continuing education partners, the leaders of the Munich academy of marketing can point to well-established success. For years, they have been actively providing a marketing-specific education to their clients. During this time, they have taught thousands of students the theoretical and practical qualifications needed for a variety of diverse professions.

Today, the graduates of our seminars and training courses work in all areas of industry and professions, in companies of all sizes. We can offer you as well a focused seminar, a well-structured training course, or a complete course of study that provides a unique practical experience with a focus on the future.

At the Munich academy of marketing, over 30 well-known teachers combine their practical and theoretical knowledge. They train clients in Munich, Ulm, Hamburg, and locations overseas to become qualified marketing professionals. Because of the close and constant cooperation with partner academies around the world, we stay current on all marketing competencies. At the same time, our network of partners offers our clients the opportunity to attend training sessions and further their education abroad.

We are marketing

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