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The area of marketing is undergoing a rapid transformation. Online marketing doesn’t only open new dimensions of communication, but also changes the marketing system as we know it.

From an accompanying channel, it has now become a dominant process that needs to be managed and led strategically. Every business needs employees who have a solid understanding of marketing in general and combine that with the special knowledge that online marketing requires. Holistic marketing has now become an existentially important area of the economy—online marketing provides a decisive advantage. The position of the online marketing manager is now part of a company’s executive management team.

Your Career Advantage

MMA-degree for Online Marketing

Use this extraordinary chance to further your career! Use your affinity for the Web to become an executive manager. The online marketing train is gathering speed, and you can be on it—if you have the right qualifications.

The Munich academy of marketing has an optimal concept to provide a career-enhancing education that honors the changing status of the ever-expanding field of online marketing. Our modular training structure combines knowledge, application, and practice.

We offer you an online marketing degree in 7 months. With our compact training course, you get a exceptional career boost. You won’t find a better invest in your own life.


The best advantage: You can take this training course and count it at the FH Wien WKW towards your International MBA in management and communications.

Additional Advantage

  • The modular structure enables us to combine our degree courses, training courses, and seminars to work with each other.
  • The educational measures offered by MMA in the area of marketing count towards your degree.
  • You receive a financial advantage because 75% of the course cost is counted towards the cost of an Online Marketing degree.
  • The online marketing degree course includes an MMA seminar, meaning further cost savings for you.

Let this efficient training course inspire you to get a dream start to your career in marketing.


Dauer7 Monate, davon 2 Monate Projekte
Zeiten12 x samstags, 9 bis 18 Uhr
zusätzlich freiwillig ein kostenfreies Seminar aus 
dem laufenden Programm (siehe Website)
Gebühr5.900 EURO (0% Finanzierung möglich)
Upgrade MBA75% der Gebühren werden angerechnet.
Nächster Start: 25.11.2023, München


Integrated Marketing Communication

The Basics

  • Marketing-House/4-level model/brand activation matrix
  • Levels of interaction, barriers, organization, communications
  • Coordination and communications management
  • Basics of corporate identity, public relations, and brand policy

Development of a Strategy

  • Concepts of marketing
  • Operational goals
  • Selection of measures
  • Internal online codex
  • Integration of special marketing strategies
    • Viral marketing, multi-channel marketing
    • Cross-media campaigns, combi-marketing
    • Guerilla marketing, event marketing

Media Planning

  • Media and their reach
  • Selection criteria for external services
  • Cross-media campaigns with media convergence
  • Integration into marketing mix

Client Acquisition and Retention

  • The basics of customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Target and target group definitions
  • User retention, dialogue marketing
  • Link building, forums, chats, blogs, traffic


  • The basics of information and communication technologies
  • Using tools
  • Data formats, compression technologies
  • Programming language, information architecture
  • Security systems, integrated data management


  • Development towards new dimensions of information and communication
  • Technical parameters, domains, hosting, provider, browser
  • HTML, IP protocol, address space, e-mail
  • Tracking, cloud computing
  • Building networks, bandwidth
  • VideoOIP, W3C, open sources, content
  • Search engines, connectivity, ranking

Security Systems

  • The risks of networks
  • From firewalls to VPN, malware
  • Virus and Trojan horses; safety, protection, and cleaning systems
  • Spam prevention techniques, protective software
  • Protection of intranet, hardware parameters on hard drives
  • Backup systems, risk management


The Social Media Principle

  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Reputation management—acting and reacting
  • Strategic integration into existing marketing mix
  • Measuring success, viral marketing
  • Best practices

Social Media Trends

  • The biggest social media platforms
  • Social media marketing target groups
  • Success drivers and benchmarks


Influencer Marketing

  • Strategic use of influencers
  • Tools to identify influencers
  • Workflows for influencer management

Social Media Monitoring

  • Brand monitoring
  • Monitoring software to source leads
  • Sentiment analyses, SOW analyses
  • Issue analyses, setting up automatic reports
  • Introduction to most important providers

Reputation Management

  • User feedback
  • Meaning of forums and question-and-answer portals
  • Nielsen Trust
  • Advertising study and its implications for marketing working on two levels

In-depth Look at the Most Important Social Media Channels

  • Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, XING, LinkedIn
  • Best cases, practical knowledge
  • Tools and social media management consoles
  • Setting up publishing plans
  • Social media KPIs

Advertisement Managers

  • Building Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • XING ad manager


  • The basics of web control and log files
  • Analysis of visitor behavior and introduction to most important KPI
  • Click-stream analysis and analysis of funnels
  • Where are website visitors are coming from and referrer tracking
  • Conversion tracking and tracking of other goals
  • Overview of most important service providers


  • Creating a virtual center of competencies
  • Networking with partner platforms
  • Unique content, business content
  • User-generated content, content curation
  • Content management systems, content seeding


How Search Engines Function, Technical Background

  • SEO overview
    • Status quo of search engine optimization
    • Google updates
  • Keyword analyses
    • How it works and tools, setting up keyword grids
    • Keyword mapping
  • On-page optimization
    • Information structure
    • Theme silos, code structure
    • Meta tags, image SEO
    • Semantic text optimization via wdf*idf analyses
    • Content optimization and user signals
  • Off-page optimization
    • PageRank, Linkjuice
    • Google Trust, backlinks
    • Link earning
    • Ranking analysis and setting up keyword monitoring
  • Most important SEO tools
    • Sistrix, Xovi
    • Ryte, Link Research Tools, etc.

Google Ads

  • Underlying basics
  • Building a finely granulated campaign architecture
  • Keyword research
  • Writing ad text with impact
  • Ad expansion
  • Conversion tracking and Bid management
  • GDN and remarketing campaigns
  • Mobile ads, YouTube TrueView Advertising
  • Lightbox ads


UXO (User Experience Optimization) and Conversion Optimization

  • How user-friendly IKT solutions increase productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Persona-based design, anthropo-technique, cognitive walkthrough, eye tracking
  • Offer characteristics, expectation conformity, interaction design information architecture
  • Context sensitivity, interface design assist systems, mouse tracking
  • Error exclusion, customer experience management, CSS framework, heatmap
  • Side map, paper prototyping, screen design, software ergonomics, navigation


  • The basics of mobile technology
  • Format, protocol, usage, VoIP, RSS, possibilities and developments
  • Overview of mobile marketing channels
  • Value chain, business models, security
  • Adjusting marketing formats to the mobile web


Affiliate Marketing

  • Building and functions of affiliate programs, affiliate offerors
  • Affiliate marketing systems, users, conditions models, branches, success factors
  • Building your own affiliate programs
  • Networking with partner platforms, unique content, business content
  • User-generated content, content curation, content management systems, content seeding

Native Advertising

  • Impact of digital advertisement, new formats to combat ad fatigue
  • Advantages and characteristics of native advertising
  • Technical aspects of native advertising (native ad server, multi device, automatization, scaling)
  • Possible gear shifts (direct RON, channels, keywords), design and elements of native advertising

Display Advertising/Online Media

  • Concepts and modulation of campaigns
  • Forms on online advertising
    • Interactive ads, advertorial, banderole ad, banner, billboard, blow up, content box, expandable format, fireplace, interstitial, layer ad, peel ad, pop-up ad, pop under, rectangle, skyscraper, post-roll ad, pre-roll ad, prestitial, sponsoring, tandem ad, tablet advertising, wallpaper

E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

  • Definitions of terms and ranking within strategic relevancy of influencer marketing
  • Difference between micro-, macro-, and mega-influencers
  • Implementation of collaborations, influencer trends
  • Content creation and collaborations content
  • Finding the right influencer
  • Tools for influencer marketing
  • Legal basics
  • Real-life examples

Media Rights

  • Copyright
  • Personal rights and image rights
  • Brand rights
  • Competition law
  • Internet-specific rights
    • Liability
    • Liability for disturbance
    • Imprint liability


Individual Impact Potential

  • Feedback, projecting energy
  • Self-confidence
  • Persuasiveness, self-assured appearance
  • Body language, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact
  • Voice, posture

Using Media Convincingly

  • Mental preparation for a presentation
  • Stressing important content
  • Structuring a presentation, inviting listeners
  • Addressing needs
  • A beginning that raises interest
  • The power of first impression
  • Presentation design and central point of the message
  • Problem-solving suggestions
  • Line of argument, interest check
  • Critical situations, spontaneous reactions
  • Building consensus


  • Term, types of projects
  • Management approach, project context analysis
  • Project order, service planning, results planning
  • Project structure plan, timeline planning
  • Resource and cost planning, crisis management
  • Project organization, communication structures
  • Project culture, controls, project documentation
  • EDV usage, project marketing


e-Commerce and e-Payment

  • e-commerce trends
  • e-payment, pay per click
  • Online stores—systems and possibilities
  • Online stores—efficient growth
  • Models to create value online

Background processes

  • Automatization of processes
  • Efficient business processes
  • Where consumer goods systems and shop systems overlap


  • Working on real client projects within the parameters of this course
  • Client briefing, strategy, conception
  • Planning, budgeting, implementation
  • Controls, presentation, follow-up
  • Possibility to work on student projects in class


  • Im Rahmen des Studium werden echte Kundenprojekte bearbeitet
  • Kundenbriefing, Strategie, Konzeption
  • Planung, Budgetierung, Umsetzung
  • Controlling, Präsentation, Nachbereitung   
  • Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit eigene Projekte zu bearbeiten. 


Interested parties who have

  • A degree and vocational training
  • A degree and some job experience or an internship in the areas of internet and marketing
  • Completed their studies with a liberal arts or science degree
  • Practical experience in the areas of online, marketing, or communication or a vocational profession

This Online Marketing education course requires knowledge in various areas and high motivation. A participant should have some practical experience in marketing or a business or vocational setting.

Contact us at +49 800 0800 1850 or e-mail us at


Your “Online Marketing” training course is a compact program that combines theory and praxis. We teach overarching and all-encompassing approaches to online marketing. For a successful learning experience, we connect all subjects so that they are taught in an inter-connected context.


  • Each module begins with the theoretical basics of the subject
  • Expert knowledge will be taught using real-life examples and case studies
  • Examples of best practices helps to apply knowledge to real-life situations
  • Discussions and exchanges sharpen practical and social competencies

Strategic approaches and holistic concepts for efficient online marketing will be discussed, together with specific tools and building blocks. Students learn how to effectively contribute to the development and implementation of successful online marketing campaigns.

  • Content summaries evaluate students’ progress to quickly fill any gaps. Students have to create a total of 10 summaries.
  • Group work and homework assignments that are presented to the class support teamwork and problem-solving thinking
  • Experienced and specialist teachers present those competencies that are needed on the job
  • Small classes guarantee intensive and efficient training
  • Start:
  • Length: 7 months, including 2 months of project work
  • Time: Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., one seminar during the week, 2 days of voluntary intensive training
  • Upgrade MBA: 75% of the cost are counted toward an MBA program starting April 2020 at the FH Wien WKW



Nach erfolgreicher Teilnahme an diesem Programm und Akkordierung durch die Vortragenden wird Ihnen von der Allensbach Hochschule das Hochschul-Zertifikat mit dem Titel „Online-Marketingwirt“ übergeben. Sie erhalten es unmittelbar nach dem Abschluss der Weiterbildung. Wir bauen keinen Prüfungsstress auf, sondern honorieren Ihre Mitarbeit und Ihre Beiträge in den Fallstudien, Workshops und Hausarbeiten. Ihr Qualifikations-Check besteht in der praktischen Umsetzung des Gehörten während der Weiterbildung. Unser Ziel ist es, dass Sie das Programm mit erprobtem Wissen abschließen und sich mit frischem Enthusiasmus neuen Aufgaben stellen. Mit einem Zertifikat der Münchener Marketing Akademie erhalten Sie nicht nur einen fachlich anerkannten Qualifizierungsnachweis, sondern auch ein Dokument, welches in der Praxis hohe Anerkennung und Reputation erfährt. Jeder unserer Dozenten und Trainer verfügt über die erforderlichen Bildungsabschlüsse und Befähigungsnachweise sowie zusätzliche Qualifikationen. Wir leisten mehr als das Übliche. Unsere Bildungseinrichtung ist Mitglied des MedienCampus Bayern e. V., dem von der Staatsregierung getragenen Dachverband für die Medienaus- und -fortbildung in Bayern. Unsere Bildungskonzepte sind durch die Mitarbeit in der ARGE ProEthik geprägt. In Erfüllung der Maßgaben und zum dezidierten Nachweises Ihrer erworbenen Qualifikation sind die Bildungsinhalte in Ihrem Nachweis "Online-Marketingwirt" explizit ausgewiesen. Ihr Zertifikat „Online-Marketingwirt“ ist für Unternehmensführer, Behördenleiter oder Personalchefs ein Kompetenznachweis auf hohem Niveau. 


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