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Altschwabinger Villa
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Münchner Marketing Akademie
Biedersteiner Straße 6
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The Munich academy of marketing lives what it teaches in its marketing seminars: the unity of dimensions. Unusual ideas and contemporary practice go hand in hand with proven practical knowledge and the influence of your surroundings.

Our headquarters in Munich-Schwabing mirrors this conviction: the building at Biedersteiner Strasse 6 was built when Munich transformed into a “city of art.” The Gruenderzeit (a time of great economic upswing in the mid-19th century), baroque influences, and visionary ideas influence the building’s architecture. It was an attempt to combine aesthetics and functionality to their maximum. High ceilings, stucco, and grandeur create large rooms that inspire creativity. Not surprising then that the house has been designated a protected historical monument. It is a symbol of the depth of experience combined with the exploration of modernity. It has let us create expansive training areas that boast the latest in education and conference technology. The nearby English Garden offers the opportunity to relax and be inspired. The location provides strong creative stimulation.

Historical Parallels

Years ago, the transformation to modernity, today, the transformation to a communications-based society—we are well placed to bring the innovations of the past into a relevant context of today’s challenges. That is how we recognize the dimensions of our actions. The building constantly stimulates our continuous recognition. We use the frame of the architectural surrounding to bring to life the style of an era: from Renaissance furniture to abstract art. Included are icons of marketing, from a 1920 Odol-bottle to a 1984 Mac computer to virtual animations on LED screens. Gruenderzeit always means: the person who bets on new ideas will win the market. This is true for technical developments as well as marketing.

Schwabing is not a borough, it’s a spiritual movement.”
(Franziska of Reventlow in a letter to Paul Stern,

At the turn of the previous century, intellectuals around the world thought like the author quoted above: Schwabing had become one of the most important intellectual centers in Europe. Ideas, innovations, and bohemia combined into a unique symbiosis. To this day, it is believed that the Munich Council Republic was formed at the Café Stefanie. The list of famous painters, writers, and intellectuals who lived in Schwabing cannot be matched by any other urban area of an equivalent size (historical Schwabing measures 4 square kilometers) anywhere in the world.

Peter Paul Althaus, Johannes R. Becher, Leo Benario, Otto Julius Bierbaum, Helene Böhlau, Bertolt Brecht, Lion Feuchtwanger, Leonhard Frank, Marie Amelie von Godin, Claire Goll, Oskar Maria Graf, Friedrich und Ricarda Huch, »Dr. Mabuse« Norbert Jacques, Erich Kästner, Bernhard Kellermann, Klabund, Ludwig Klages, Wolfgang Koeppen, Annette Kolb, Isolde Kurz, Gustav Landauer, Heinrich Lautensack, Heinrich und Thomas Mann, Kurt Martens, »B. Traven« Ret Marut, Gustav Meyrink, Christian Morgenstern, Erich Mühsam, Gabriele Reuter, Rainer Maria Rilke, Joachim Ringelnatz, Roda Roda, Eugen Roth, Ludwig Thoma, Ernst Toller, Karl Valentin, Frank Wedekind, or the founder of German cabaret, Ernst von Wolzogen, are only some of the names on the list.

“Simplicissimus,” the acerbic satire magazine, was published in Schwabing, and Joachim Ringelnatz was the resident poet of the café bearing the same name (today’s “Alter Simpl” at the same location).

The magazine “Jugend,” published by Georg Hirth in Schwabing, gave “Art Nouveau” its name.

In its own way, the Munich academy of marketing contributes to the traditions of Schwabing. Our location is the home of innovative marketing—a way of thinking that we add to the era of Schwabing.

Nevertheless, marketing is not only knowledge and a way of thinking, but most of all the realization of ideas. You will lean the complex processes of how to do that in our seminars and training courses. For specific projects, we have our marketing laboratory BRAVE NEW WORLD, which accompanies a business from the development of a strategy to the successful implementation and optimization of a marketing campaign.

In both our classes and our agency, we look forward to many fascinating projects that are influenced by the spirit of the location and our philosophy.

Take new paths—the Munich academy of marketing and Schwabing will contribute the right impulses.

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