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Römischer Hof

Römischer Hof
Unter den Linden 10
10117 Berlin


The Roemischer Hof is one of the few buildings along Berlin’ luxury street Unter den Linden that was not destroyed during World War II. In 2005, the building was restored according to historical architectural plans that date back as far as 1775. Architect Axtelm Frinken oversaw its transformation into a modern office building. Attractive glass was added to that part of its facade that was damaged during a bombing raid in World War II.

In addition to serving as the Grand Hotel de Rome—one of Berlin’s grandest hotels of its time—the building gained notoriety because of the Pannewitzbande’s bank heist in 1951. In 1989, a movie of the theft became the first coproduction of West and East Germany, starring Goetz George, Rolf Hoppe, and Otto Sander.


At the Roemischer Hof and its surroundings, you’ll find many renowned and international companies. Many exclusive restaurants are within walking distance and lend themselves to the perfect business lunch or dinner.

Icons of the automobile and fashion industries have their flagship stores in the area, but there are also stores that cater to everyday needs. You can find everything the heart desires, for every taste and budget.

The diverse cultural offerings of the Staatsoper, Konzerthaus, Friedrichstadtpalast, among many others, perfectly round out any special event that is hosted. Under den Linden has always been—and still is—Berlin’s grandest street, whether you’re there to work, shop, or just people watch.

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